Important to have. Even more Important to know how to use correctly and safely!

If you buy a throwline the first thing you must do before going anywhere near the water is throw it. Check the knot attaching the rope to the bag is strong and secure

repack the rope ensuring there are no Knots, no tangles so it will be ready for flawless use when you do need it.

Unsure on the correct length? Always better to have more than less. If your after a 15m line, get a 20m line. That way you have spare if you need to payout or need a bit more reach.

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20M Alpine Throwline
A throwline ideal for static and dynamic rescue situations. Employs the clean line principle with..
25M Canyon Throwline
A ‘bank rescue’ throw bag using the clean line principle. Highly adaptable incorporating an easy ..
% Rescue Sling
Out for a couple of years now but still a really big seller! Small yet big and mighty. He..
£14.95 £13.95
% Snake Sling
Carry a rescue kit? No well you should if your paddling white water. More Importantly Learn to us..
£14.95 £13.75