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%Womens Zenith Dry Top
A midweight whitewater jacket with a comfy GlideSkin neck‚ made in XP 2.5-layer fabric and excell..
£159.95 £127.96
%Zenith Long Sleeve
What we have been waiting for in a Dry Cag. A warm, Dry, Comfortable Cag with NO Latex neck. ..
£159.95 £127.96
%Zenith Short Sleeve
. A warm, dry, comfortable cag with NO latex neck. But a silky smooth neoprene seal. A mi..
£139.95 £109.00
%Zydeco 11.0
Experiencing the joy of kayaking has never been easier! The ultra - stylish zydeco has been f..
£649.95 £479.95
%Kids Rock Boots
Finally decent Kayaking shoes for Kids! A midweight, highly versatile three-quarter watershoe..
£19.95 £17.96
%Palm Enduro
A high performance shockcord spraydeck with PU printed abrasion resistance. The Enduro seals ex..
£89.50 £67.95
%Palm Rock Boots
Ideal for Kayaking, Sailing and those new to water sports A midweight, highly versatile three..
£32.95 £28.95
%Pilot Cap
Perfect to keep in your PFD for those emergency cold moments Warm and comfortable helmet line..
£9.95 £8.95
A Great Helmet for beginners and those who want to spend more on other kit! A low profile out..
£32.95 £27.95
%Palm Sport Spray Deck
The Perfect deck for a beginner going from nylon spraydecks to neoprene. Easy on and Easy off (bu..
£59.95 £47.95
%Palm Coniston
The Coniston is ideal for using with recreation kayaks. As used by us for the past 2 years o..
£36.95 £31.95